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Conservacap Use with A-36-A (4.5 gpf) Kits

Any problems using Conservacaps with 4.5 gpf kits.  If not, what is the amount of water savings per flush?



NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER !   Keep in mind that Conservacap shortens a flush cycle about 22% (ie .75 gal savings on a 3.5 gal flush).   A 22 percent reduction of 4.5 gal is right on 1 gal per flush savings.

Also, keep in mind that there is a tremendous amount of redundant water use built in those 4.5 gpf kits.  Most toilets will flush with almost half that amount of water use,  which is why the 4.5 gal kits today can be converted to use 3.5 gals by just turning the flow ring over to expose the rough surface instead of the smooth side.  That little trick will save a full gallon of water per flush right there.  Then add the Conservacap and you are saving almost two gallons per flush.

NOTE:   Not all of the  A-36-A kits have the water saving conversion factor built into them.   Not long ago, I got a call from a fellow who said he worked in purchasing for the GSA in Chicago.  He asked about using Conservacap with his 4.5 gal kits and when I mentioned saving water first with the conversion and then using Conservacap, he told me that his kits were older and they didn’t have that feature available.

“That’s too bad,” I told.  “How many of those older kits do you have?”

“Millions,”  he said.

We are still waiting for that order…