Before installing the Conservacap, check each toilet and urinal to be sure it is NOT a low flow toilet (1.6 gpf). Low flow fixtures have already achieved maximum water savings. Do not install the Conservacap in a low flow fixture. Move on to the next fixture.


CONSERVACAP Installation Instructions

  1. Flush Fixture to check functionality and to time length of flush cycle – This is done to make sure the unit is working correctly before retrofitting it.  The average flush cycle should last between 7 and 12 seconds.
  2. Shut Water Off – This is done at the Stop with a screwdriver by turning the set screw clockwise.  Access to the set screw may be covered by a ¾”, or larger, stop cover cap. The Stop Cover Cap is removed by using the Ridgid Wrench and turning the Cap counter-clockwise. Make certain, before turning, that the Cover Cap does NOT have a small vandal proof locking screw holding it in place.
  3. Remove the Outer Cap. Once the water has been shut off (double check this by trying the flush handle), Use the Ridgid Wrench to remove the Outer Cap (on top of the valve) by turning it counterclockwise. It might help the cap release to hold the flush handle down while you apply pressure. When tightening or loosening plumbing fittings, always apply slow gradual pressure and use your free hand to apply some counter pressure to the stationary part that is under the torque.
  4. Remove the existing Inner Cap. This will be the very obvious cap sitting on top inside the flush valve.
  5. Remove the existing Diaphragm and Relief Valve. IF you are not replacing the Repair Kit, (we highly recommend that you replace the Repair Kit) proceed to step 8. The Relief Valve sits, suspended in the middle of the Diaphragm. If suction within the valve is holding it down making it difficult for you to grip, hold the flush handle down again to move the Relief Valve. This will provide you with something to grip to pull the diaphragm up and out of the valve.
  6. Wipe out the inside of the flush valve to make sure that it is clean and unobstructed.
  7. Insert the new A-38-A Repair Kit (or A-37-A Repair Kit for Urinals) It should look exactly like the one you just removed. No tricks here, it just drops into place.
  8. Place the CONSERVACAP on top of the Diaphragm (2.75 blue caps for water closet and 2.5 red caps for urinals). It should fit evenly all the way around the diaphragm.
  9. Replace the Outer Cap. This should spin on freely by hand until tight. Then snug it up firmly with the Ridgid Wrench. Remember to apply counter pressure when tightening.
  10. Now, turn the water back on by turning the set screw counterclockwise. This will allow the flushometer to activate, creating a partial flush.
  11. Replace the stop cover cap and wipe down unit.  Flush several times and check for leaks.  Check the functionality of the unit and note the new length of the flush cycle (It should be several seconds shorter than before the renovation)

 Any Questions call Frank, Norm or Jim at :

863-299-9465, ext. 225


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